E-V x Tezo x Alex Hitchens – How Many Bands


As an enthusiast of Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music, E-V is set to combine the best of both realms. Making a major splash into the industry with his very first single “GoodTime” being premiered by Rolling Stone, which featured rapper/actor Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and vocalist Lorine Chia. E-V would then strike again when his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers were in the NBA Finals, in which ABC broadcasted his second single “I’m From CLVLND.”

Working hard and collaborating in many Los Angeles recording studios, E-V is ready to release his own style of music in which he claims to be a blended-hybrid style.

“I grew up listening to a lot of rap and also had a lot of success early in my career working with various international Hip-Hop/Pop artists; I wanted to take the two genres I really liked and blend them together – as I like to call “Hybrid”’

E-V will be dropping an EP with his new blended style late summer/early fall. “Hybrid” will be the title of the EP and could not possibly be a better fit for his new style. Check out the first single off his Hybrid EP called “How Many Bands,” by artist Tezo and produced in collaboration with Grammy Award winning Alex Hitchens.